Gain up to 2 days of productivity per month.

Reduce the number of spreadsheet files you need, easily collaborate on your SEO projects without having to configure a multitude of tools for hours on end, and quickly board your colleagues with SEMNAUT.


SEO project management

  • Add your sites or those of your customers, keywords, budget, deadline and other information essential to the success of your SEO campaign.
  • A calendar view of your tasks to see when each of your project milestones is due, by day, week or month. Synchronize with your Google Calendar!
  • Track the position of your sites
  • Automatically check the health of some of your URLs on a daily basis, and be alerted to any changes or problems detected by our robots.
  • A list of your visible tasks by day, week or month.
  • Annotate your actions and those of others for all your projects, and keep track of positions.
  • (Coming soon) Easily export reports according to the dates and metrics you define from :
    • changing positions
    • desired metrics
    • your notes
    • your tasks
    • your actions
    • your milestones

A collaborative tool (Navigator subscription and above)

  • Various customizable views, a single database shared with your colleagues
  • Exchange ideas with your colleagues and leave a record of the most important points in a project, so you can get back to work easily.
  • Assign personalized tasks to your colleagues within a project: auditing, c
  • (Coming soon) Team leaders, project managers and sales reps: with the team workload view, assign projects or tasks according to your colleagues' workload.
  • (Coming soon) Share documents with your colleagues

An SEO tool

Analysis of SERPs and comparison of points of interest in the top 10 or top 20