A tool designed to save you time on SEO project management

Semnaut is a project management tool dedicated to SEO professionals that will save you several days of productivity per month.


What can you do with Semnaut?

Semnaut allows you to add information about your websites, track their positions within the project, add the actions you have taken or plan to take, and export customized and automated reports.

Collaboration, automatic and programmable reminders, notifications, messaging, internal commenting, and many other features!

An integrated SEO alerting and suggestion tool.

Automatically track changes to the pages of your websites and prevent SEO regressions with our crawler that constantly analyzes the URLs of your sites. Avoid position or business losses for your sites or clients by being quickly notified of any significant changes.

Our SEO suggestion tool will help you improve the basic elements of your websites, such as short or long titles, missing keywords, missing Hn tags, short meta descriptions, and more.


The strengths of SEMNAUT

Why use Semnaut?


Time-saving on SEO project management.

  • Client/project information
  • Position tracking
  • Adding actions to be done
  • Custom reports
  • Notifications
  • Messaging
  • Internal commenting
  • Automatic and programmable reminders

An integrated SEO alerting and suggestion tool

Be notified as soon as a problem or change occurs: outage, 404 errors, noindex, ...

With our SEO suggestion tool, never forget the basics: title, meta description, Hn tags


Custom exports of your SEO reports

You can configure what you want to display

  • Positions
  • Tables
  • Comments
  • Your actions of the month
  • Your logo / watermark

They have adopted SEMNAUT




" The ability to modulate projects as you wish, and to create a dashboard that suits you, is a real gain "