Unleash the True Power of Your SEO Expertise

At Semnaut, true SEO expertise lies in results, not repetitive tasks. Discover how our SEO project management application frees you from monotonous tasks so you can focus on the success of your projects.

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Monitor changes in your pages

Automate monitoring of the status of every important page, eliminating the need for regular checks for changes. Receive instant alerts as soon as a colleague or customer modifies a page, and also be notified in the event of content updates from competitors.

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fonctionnalité moniteur de changement au sein de vos pages

Report generator

Automate reporting for each project. Use all Semnaut data to compose your monthly report in just a few minutes.

Save time and resources by creating reusable report templates.

fonctionnalité rapports
Generate my report

Keyword tracking

Explore our feature that allows you to easily add keywords for your projects or customers, then closely monitor their evolution for continuous optimization of your SEO strategy.

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fonctionnalité mots-clés

Alerts and suggestions

Automatically track changes to your site pages and avoid SEO regressions via our crawler, which constantly analyzes your site urls.

Avoid loss of position or business for your sites or your customers by being alerted quickly to the slightest important change.

Our SEO suggestion tool will enable you to improve the basic points of your sites: titles too short, too long or missing keywords, missing Hn, meta description too short, etc.

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fonctionnalité alertes et suggestions


Keep your project optimally organized with our task management functionality. You can easily drag and drop tasks into a calendar, assign responsibilities to specific team members, and maintain impeccable organization throughout your project cycle.

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fonctionnalité taches

Team management

Our team management functionality offers a complete solution for seamless collaboration with your colleagues. You can easily invite your teammates to join your workspace, share data in real time and work seamlessly as a team. This functionality simplifies the coordination of efforts, enabling effective communication, simplified task allocation, and harmonious collaboration to achieve project objectives.

fonctionnalité gestion d'équipe
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